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Designwise have been creating popular videos for a long time. Established in 2009, we understand the digital world and the subtle peculiarities of it.

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Youtube Channel

Engaging the audience with creative marketing videos on your branded YouTube channel, where they will easily learn about your brand, services, and products.

YouTube Video Ads

Make your products and services reach a wider audience and capture their attention through compelling ad campaigns on YouTube, the largest video platform in the world.

Facebook Video Marketing

We aim to increase the audience’s interactions and engagement with your brand through our captivating video content marketing on Facebook, including ads and organic content.

Instagram Reels

Keeping Instagrammers’ interest in reels in mind, we create exciting reels by showcasing the brand’s creativity as per your target audience’s interest to enhance brand awareness.

Live Streaming

Winning your audience’s loyalty by engaging them with Q&A sessions, interacting with them, and surprising them with new product launches through live streaming.

Welcome to One of the Top Video Marketing Companies in Dubai & Across the UAE

Does planning a strong video marketing strategy require a lot of your time and energy? Leave it to Design Wise, which offers tremendous creative ideas to make compelling videos for marketing. We push the boundaries of our video marketing services, keeping YouTube videos and advertising, Facebook ad campaigns, Instagram reels, and more in the circle.

Furthermore, our video marketing serves in Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Saudia, and all the other parts of UAE and even beyond. Keeping our availability in a vast area, we ensure the growth of each of our client’s businesses through different strategies designed according to their objectives. So, contact us now to start the process!

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Discover Perfect Video Marketing Solutions to Boost Your Brand’s Visibility

Do you want to make your brand your audience’s favourite? Attract them with super engaging videos with the most compelling content that showcase your brand’s image, services, and products in depth. Our diligent team is here to help you with that, as it understands the importance of video marketing.

They implement their creative thinking and incredible video-making and editing skills to plan and make the most enchanting video content. Keeping everything to the point, relevant, perfect quality-wise, and according to your instructions, they ensure an impressively personalized video marketing service. Hence, our experts can help you reach your dream success.

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Video Marketing Startup Movement

Explore how we contributed to reshaping the Video Marketing identities of startups. From strategic planning to implementation, we succeeded in taking them to new heights of success.

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Process Behind Video Marketing Agency UAE

Since Video Marketing makes a company's objective strong and easily achievable, here's what you need to do for a powerful Video Marketing of your brand:



Since it is necessary to know about Video Marketing and its services, our team digs into a deeper discussion with clients about their video marketing needs, goals, and vision.



To develop a better video marketing strategy, we clarify the brand’s image, messages, and visual elements with the clients to meet their requirements and expectations.



In this step, we further collaborate with our clients before implementing our strategies and finalizing them as per their requirements and recommendations to ensure the strategy best fits video marketing needs.



In the final step, we attentively fulfill all the video marketing requirements, including logo designing, typography, web development, and digital marketing, to reach a standard and impactful brand identity.


Clients Feedback & Reviews

I am glad to choose this service for my brand, as their video marketing is beyond perfection. My product has now reached thousands of my clients, and the credit goes to Design Wise.

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This platform is a lifesaver for entrepreneurs. The videos Design Wise made for marketing my products were quite interesting and informative, just as I wanted.

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I’m impressed by the mind-blowing strategies and video editing of Design Wise. The Instagram reels alone are constantly grabbing the attention of a vast audience. I can see my business grow rapidly now.

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It’s amazing how willingly Design Wise works on every project and makes it successful in just one go. I’m glad I got their help from the very beginning, and their video marketing is helping the business progress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Video Marketing is a marketing strategy in which businesses promote their services, products, and brand messages through videos and upload them on different digital platforms to reach the target audience.

Our rates can vary depending on different factors like video duration, scope of the project, and others. However, we offer reasonable service based on your instructions.

Yes, we make high-quality video content to stream on different online platforms, including the brand’s website, social media, and others. From introductory videos to promotional ones, we will help you to showcase high-quality content on your website.

Sure, we can! Video marketing is a beneficial tool through which we promote your brand by making promotional videos, sharing client’s experiences, and creating other interactive marketing content.

You can promote your videos even without having a YouTube channel. You can use YouTube advertising, through which you can create ads to reach your target audience. The ads can appear in the YouTube videos' beginning, middle, and end.

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